Here’s the thing, you need a friend.

A creative life shouldn’t mean a life of financial instability, fear, or shame.

Through personal financial coaching, you get the 1:1 support and guidance you need.

I’ll help you

✓ discover exactly what’s been holding you back

✓create a financial plan specific to your goals and priorities

✓ stay motivated and inspired along the way

I get it, you’ve probably read almost every book, blog post, and article under the sun with no results. You don’t need another template or class, but a friend and mentor who can hold you accountable to yourself and the things you want to accomplish.


Through personal financial coaching, you get one on one accountability and support.

Over 3 months, we uncover what’s holding you back, build new positive habits, and create a custom financial plan to achieve the goals that matter most to you!


Risk Free Personal Finance Discovery Session