Everyday Money Management: Set it, then Forget it!

We all know we need to save money, pay down debt, buy a house, invest, etc.

That’s easy, we’ve been coached on WHAT we need to do since opening our first bank accounts!

But the HOW? That’s tricky. And with all the podcasts, blog posts, and nagging lectures from the parents, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and quit before we even start.

An easy way to beat that? Set it, then forget it.

Today, you can easily put away for retirement, save up for your first house, blast through debt, and more through automatic deposits.

I know, I know, but hear me out. If your job has options for direct deposit, you should be able to set up multiple deposit accounts for your paycheck before it even hits your checking, avoiding the temptation to spend it instead.

Log on, allocate, then log off. Boom.

    You can be saving money, investing in your future, and slaying debt on autopilot.