Investing in Yourself

Jillian Todd Personal Coaching

I want to change the way you think about investing.⁣

An “investment” is anything that you put money/energy/resources into, that you expect to see a return from.⁣

Sure, some people choose to invest their money in stocks and real estate. But it doesn’t mean you have to.⁣

You should invest your time, money, and energy into the things that will bring you the greatest return⁣

If you’re an artist, it could be new supplies.

If you work in the film industry, it could mean more networking events.

If you want to grow your music career, it could mean hiring a mentor.⁣

Look for things and opportunities that can expand your worldview and help you get closer to the person you want to be.⁣

Invest in your business.

Invest in your career.

Invest in your art.

Invest in YOURSELF.

I promise it’ll always pay off.