Quit Self Sabotage!

Have you ever looked around and thought, I should be further along by now? I know I have. It’s not that you haven’t accomplished anything, but somehow you just thought you’d be richer, happier, further along than where you find yourself today.

So what happened? You’ve still got credit card debt you can’t seem to get on top of, or those student loans that feel permanently looming over your head.

Today I wanna give you 3 common ways we sabotage yourselves and 3 easy mindset shifts to get around them.

#1 “I don’t know…”

This is a dangerous one. Instead of looking for solutions, we tell ourselves we don’t know how, and then proceed to not even try. We say, I don’t know how to get out of debt, I don’t know how to start saving for retirement, I don’t know how to start saving money…

Sign up for a class, ask a trusted friend, even a simple Google search can have you on your way. There are a million ways to learn to do something. Never trying only guarantees you stay exactly where you are. 

#2 “I can’t…”

Let’s say you have $20,000 in student loan debt. It bothers you, you hate checking your account, and you pay the minimum every month, just trying to avoid the problem as much as possible. You decide that the amount is just too high, the interest is ridiculous, and you’ll never get out of debt.

Similar to with the first excuse, you’ll find you never.

#3 “I should…”

You know that feeling when you first start a new diet? You got fired up watching #Fitspo on instagram, and decide on a new fancy, uber complex diet. Day 1, you crush it. Day 2, you start a little slower but you finish strong. Day 3, you start side eyeing those donuts in the breakroom… And start negotiating with yourself.

You tell yourself the donut is fine because it’s just one little treat and you’re going to be great the rest of the week. But then one donut turns into one and a half, then you’re having a glass of wine with dinner, then all of a sudden you’re at Sunday brunch and you realize your diet is blown.

I hope this encourages you and inspires you to keep going, to call yourself on your excuses and never stop on the path towards your goals.

Don’t let excuses, the can’ts, don’ts, and shoulds, stand in your way.

Personal finance is a marathon, and not a sprint.

You got this.